About Us

Maintenance Plus has been a registered business with the state of Illinois since 1995 specializing in Maintenance and Remodeling.  In 2000 Maintenance Plus Incorporated and became Maintenance Plus Team, Inc.

Through the maintenance side of the business we receive a lot of problem solving tasks and have witnessed many installation failures.  This has in many ways increased our product knowledge and the ability to understand products and processes.  Manufacturers today make changes all the time and it is important to work with manufacturers and vendors in order to keep up with installation processes.  Many problems have been caused by a procedure that was not followed, speed has become more important than accuracy in many cases.  We recognize that speed is important, but in no way should it be put before accuracy.  The Maintenance Plus Team is dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction.   We feel it is important to attend training, seminars and tradeshows in order to further our knowledge in each area of our business.

Other Team Benefits –

  • The Maintenance Plus Team has – General Liability, Auto and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. The owner and employees have Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Many self-employed individuals, small companies, persons working for cash or non-registered businesses have ways around paying worker’s compensation insurance.  In the event that someone is injured on your property you may be at risk.  When asking about insurance, be sure to ask if they have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.  You may request a certificate of insurance from the parties that you will be doing business with.
  • Before we start your project we will review your project with you and the employee working on your project.
  • Clean-up policy – employees will cleanup the work area, as needed.
  • No smoking policy.
  • We use insured subcontractors (electrical, plumbing, heating & cooling, flooring contractors) requested by the customer.  In the event that the customer does not have a subcontractor that they currently work with, we will recommend one.
  • If we discover that there is a need to perform additional work, we will discuss this with you first.

Customer Referrals – The Maintenance Plus Team has worked hard for over 300 + customers and more than likely you know some of our customers already.  In order to provide privacy to our customers, we no longer distribute our customer list (privacy act).   Referrals are available on request and with customer approval.  Please view our project gallery for a few samples of completed projects.

Jay A Smith

Preventive maintenance = Protection! Let the Maintenance Plus Team protect your investment!